Help...Before I jump in...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sunnie, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. sunnie


    and start ripping my computer apart....

    getting ready to install a matrox G200 multi-monitor card...

    first page of the user guide says take out the existing graphics card -
    why would I want to do that? I want to connect 4 monitors (2 digital, 2 analog).

    Can't I use both cards at the same time?

    Please answer yes and save me the trouble of taking out the existing card and throwing it away...:p
  2. yes it should work fine if you leave the card in. you cant hurt it by trying it. put the matrox in and if it boots up then use it. if not take it out.
  3. sunnie


    OK, will do...

    thanks for the reply...:)
  4. igsi


    That's true (almost, it's page 6). However, the very same page also says that "with multi-display mode, you may be able to use your existing graphics card" :mad: :
  5. sunnie


    Thanks - I need a magnifying glass to read that footnote!!
    Maybe time to get the eyes checked.....:eek: