HELP.... Backup computer not connecting to the internet

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SizesTrader, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I have a backup computer that I cannot configure correctly to access the internet. It has a Linksys wireless card the I installed long time ago. I was able to access the internet before. While I was cleaning out some of the junk files, I deleted the ethernet controller from the NETWORK AND DIALUP CONNECTION panel.

    In the NETWORK AND DIALUP CONNECTION, it use to have two devices, the first is the Ethernet Controller and the second is the Linksys card. I downloaded the device for the ethernet card and tried to install it in the Network and dialup connection but it does not seem to work. The ethernet card is not shown on the Network and Dialup panel either.

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


  2. see my answer to this in your previous post