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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by KingMook, May 18, 2012.

  1. KingMook


    I am looking for a firm that provides services of coding the algorithm for a fee and then some monthly fee or something like that to maintain it and tweak it. It has to be coded to execute thru APIs on my current platform. Can anyone suggest firms like that?
    Thank you in advance.
  2. SMI

    SMI ET Sponsor there something in particular you're looking for besides coding and maintaining and algorithm? It seems to me that just about any developer familiar with your broker's api can probably do this....
  3. KingMook


    Any developer probably can. Since I am new to this I need help finding him, her....
  4. SMI

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    I assume you have an algorithm of some kind? Do you care to share your broker name and the frequency at which the algorithm will trade? That will help us narrow the list for you. HFT stuff has a much smaller pool of possible developers than, say, an algorithm that trades just a few times per day so knowing that metric is critical.
  5. KingMook


    Broker is WTS(former Dimension). As far as frequency there are few algos that I need coded and frequency will vary....
  6. SMI

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    hmmm...that's a prop trading house. They would be the first people I'd ask for a list of developers that know their API - I assume that they have one?
  7. KingMook


    they do, but i would rather deal with broker neutral developer firm then directly with their own programers...
  8. SMI

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    Since I don't know anything about the WTS API personally, there are three places I'd check for developers:


    I've had good luck with the first two for stuff I needed coded. You're liable to find talent there is a bit cheaper since many folks are independent rather than associated with a a firm and all their overhead.

    With all three sites, you tend to get a lot of form replies where they don't even bother to read your request - just don't be discouraged by that. Rentacoder has a feature that tries to prevent that so I like using that site and is usually the first place I go for developers. If I can't find any there, then I try ELANCE. ODESK is one I haven't used for many moons but I did use it at one point a few years ago.

    Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.
  9. Ask them (your prop) what technology you have and get some documentation - post it somewhere for us programmers to see it. if it is propietary that really makes it harder. if it is FIX based - at least that is an open (sadly VERY open) standard.
  10. dimension at least formerly used blackwood api.

    blackwood is supported by tradelink (which is open source and broker neutral).

    thus any tradelink developer should be able to help you out.
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