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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by zerocool, Feb 10, 2004.

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    yes, i have an interview with a proprietary trading group in london next week. Which questions could i be faced? what things will i have to heed?
  2. SJY


    they probably want to know that your a leader and that when when an opportunity arises, your the one who steps up

    just my opinion
  3. my hint would be that they want to know whather you can admit to losses. People with a fu...ed-up ego are not the rigth people for a good prop trading team. Your ego should never get into the way of your trades and positions. Everybody makes mistakes and is often on the wrong side of the market. But the point is whether you can admit to your being wrong and ACT on it. Some people can admit mistakes but they do not take immediate action.

    Additionally, if you are a good bridge, chess, or blackjack player then mention it!!!! That is similar to a free ticket for such job. (I mean a GOOD player).

    One thing they gonna ask you for sure and will test you on (if they are any good: And you can also test their quality by checking whether they will mention this following topic and try to evaluate you on this one) is this: Prepare for questions on money management, risk management: It boils down to STATISTICS. Prepare to ask some probability questions and the like.


    P.S.> Should the firm's name, you interview with, start with Cur...and end with ....value then forget this shop . Its a ridiculous shop where you work in an office like some low-level loser. No technology, old computers, its looks everywhere as if they do not generate any money at all or they take all gains out off the firm. That is my opinion.
  4. Depending on the kind of firm they might ask probablity questions, tell about a time you failed at something and how did you handle it, why trading, what are your expectations, so you have an idea on how you want to trade, explain or tell about a competitive aspect in your life (sports, chess, ect). I am sure there are many more but I chance think of them off the top of my head.