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  1. Jasper looks like an old Atari game. Can a professional trader actually use this thing effectively? Are charts included? Where are the stock screeners? And who actually chats when they trade? Just use AOL Messenger or something if you need to BS with your girlfriend. And why are the buttons so damn big? Are they meant for senior citizens?

    I'll give you a hot tip:

    Design an order entry system where you can specify moving average lines (Bollinger Bands, etc.) or other support/resistance points on a security's chart to place orders (mainly stops). The trick is that the orders have to continuously adjust to the data points WITHOUT manual intervention. You have to have the ability to enter market, limit, and stop limit orders and be able to cancel them quickly. Also, you have to be able to change share sizes quickly to scale in or out of positions.

    This would be AWESOME for trending stocks! Just do it for NYSE stocks since the orders are simpler. Nasdaq would be too complicated since there are too many order execution possibilities (SOES, various ECNs, etc.). Plus, the steady money is in listed stocks these days anyway.

    Make sure you remember who told you this when you strike it rich! Just call it the Goldenarm System, OK?

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  2. That's good stuff ...

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