HELP-Advice on Droid X or Blackberry??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by riddler, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. riddler


    I am getting a new phone. currently have the blackberry storm 2. it does freeze alot and its a bit short. how do you guys like the new droid x? how is the picture quality with the camera?
    is the touch tone creen for the phone and interent better than blckberry?
    how does it compare to IPhone 4?
    thanks guys
  2. riddler


    most important. how is the droid x with recieving and sending e-mails?
  3. In my opinion both are fine. The service is just as important. If emails are your only concern, then you probably wont need a blackberry or a droid. A few more details would help.
  4. riddler


    right now i have a storm 2 and like the e-mail feature; works very well. was concerned the droid would be a cool and fun but maybe lag in the e-mail aspect of things. is the e-mal pretty quick with droid x?
    i likehow the droid is longer than the storm. the storm hurs my elboe when using the phone.
    also,the storm freezes alot. does the droid freeze? is the internet access better on droid x?

  5. A lot of what you describe has to do with the service. If you can maintain a consistent 3g or 4g, then both phones are fine. The droid has plenty of apps that give you notification if you get an email. The transition to a new blackberry would probably be exactly the same as your current one. The freezing problems occur for a couple reasons, 1 you drop out of the network, 2 you have too many processes running on that mini computer in your hands. So avoid those problems and you should be fine with either. There is a definite learning curve with a droid, but nothing serious if you are already on a storm.
  6. riddler


    i just bought the droid x. i love it. its much more ergonomic and more functional (imo ). one thing is certain,the interent is much faster on droid x and the touch tone pad worksmuch better. its a real cool phone.
  7. Eight


    I got a G2 the other day, it's kind of cool. I can't EDIT a google doc asfaik, they open in read-only mode... I can check my google calendar iow but can't add an item to it.. that sucks, makes me wish I'd gotten the Samsung Galaxy Tab maybe but it's too big to lug around, maybe in cargo pants pockets... Blackberry's will make calls via wifi and not ding your account for minutes but my T2 won't with my provider...