Help a High School with a Trading Project

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  1. If your life is only about trading, then it might be time to get some professional help.

    Trading is not about saving the whales, but is about creating wealth and financial independence for yourself and your family so you can do the other things in life worth doing. It's obvious by your post that your life revolves around trading and trading only. That's really sad to be honest. It's too bad that you don't enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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  2. Cutten


    Your critique could be applied to 98% of what is taught at school beyond basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.
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  3. Cutten


    Don't let the ignorant losers put you off. This sounds like an informative and, more importantly, *fun* project. Better than 99.9% of anything I ever did at school or college. Keep on the same track.
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  4. Cutten


    Why then would people continue to trade, when they have more money than they can spend in a lifetime? There must be some other motivation, such as love of the game, or the desire to achieve great skill - either as personal challenge, for the glory & recognition, a means of making others richer, or even just the feeling of being the guy who steps up to the plate whilst everyone else is panicking and crapping their pants as the market goes into meltdown. A trader who thinks trading is only about money will never go beyond contender status, just like someone who boxes just to pay the bills won't become a great champion.

    Every career is a chore endured to pay the bills, for those who aren't passionate about it. I would hate to have to write symphonies for a living, or be an oncologist, or a priest. If it paid 10 million a year and everything else paid nothing, then I would no doubt sign up and after a few years end up with the attitude that SWhiting has - a mixture of self-loathing mixed with contempt for one's seemingly worthless career.
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    Ignorant losers sounds about right.


    I agree fully with Cutten... and who says this is a dead profession; looks like they still needed a cotton pit a few months back. I somehow have a feeling that the remaining pits in chicago will be around for longer than most ppl think.

    Wish I had a school principal like you around in my day... keep it up.
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  6. caroy


    Good point. I think it just shows everyone has a passion for something. For me trading is a way to supplement my income. In addition I love the challenge of trading. I also take joy from helping my friends and family members meet their financial goals. Any job or endeavor without passion would become a chore.
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  7. Wish my high school was doing this! Unfortunantly we only learn about things like reading adventures of huck finn and learning about greek know the stuff that really matters in life lol!

    Congrats on actually teaching something worthwhile!

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  8. You are the man Caroy, ou are obviously very knowledgable about markets and seem like a good guy. keep up the good work my friend
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  9. That's exactly my point here - how much WORTHLESS info is taught in schools and here is a decent idea to at least get the kids some knowledge on the markets.

    But then the know it all's chime in and say what a bad idea it is b/c the pits won't be there in a few years or some other comment... Yes, reading huck finn is much better than this exercise.
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  10. caroy


    Thanks for all the comments. To defend "Huck Finn" it does have some great life lessons about courage and tolerance. Worth a read even if it has no practical job skills imbedded in it unless you want to captain a raft.
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