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  1. Hey all,

    Right now I'm finishing up my third year of a four year degree in economics and I'm very confused with what to do afterwards. My marks are decent, will graduate with a B+, but my average in the last two years will be over A. So, I think I'd be a shoe in at most grad schools, but probably borderline (at best) at the better ones.

    I like the field, but really what I'm interested in is making money. So I'm asking: what would you do in my position?

    Unfortunately my econ department isn't interested in helping me do anything except for get into grad school where I am now, which I don't want for various reasons. The best options I've come up with are:
    1. Applying for a master of either financial economics or economics
    2. Law school
    3. Try to find a job right after graduation in hopes of going back for an MBA

    Since most people here are interested in making money, what would you do in this situation to max your return? I'm open to all suggestions, even comedy "Why use internet when you have regression analysis?" options.

    BTW, I'm Canadian if that makes a difference, but would be willing to go to school in the US if I knew it would be easy to immigrate after graduation... which I hear is not the case, but anybody who can weigh in on that please do.
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    If I could go back and just be coming out of college again, I would never have left. Professors work a couple days a week and take home a nice check.
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