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  1. So my buddy sent me a screenshot of his homepage and asked me what would his account look like if he liquidated all his positions and went cash, how much cash would he have once everything settles. He only has 3 positions but we came up with 2 different numbers and by a vast margin lol. I'm pretty sure I'm right but I'll see if one of u has the same answer as me. He only has 3 positions. I'm going to upload the screenshots he's sent me. So Let's see if anyone can help this clown out. But I ain't gonna lie IB website and software can be hella confusing. Some of the simplest shit can be confusing with IB !
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    If I'm not mistaken, the "Net Liq" value reflects the value of your account at most current prices for the investments you still have open positions theoretically, if you got completely flat on today's open, that "5.709K" number is what you should expect to see in your account.
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    Just check net liquidation value which IB provides. It should be around that figure
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    These are not even account information screens from IB. WTF!! LOL Anyway if you can't figure them out, just call your broker, whatever that may be.
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    Net Liquidation figure is what will be left in the account after all the positions have been unwinded. as you are "asking for a friend" tell him that he has a unrealised loss of 16.65K, so after taking this loss and closing out the positions "he/you/the clown" will be having 5.709K around in the account, "he/you/the clown" will need to grow the account by a factor of approx 2.9 to make up the losses and restore the account back to where it was before those losses were accumulated.

    All the best!
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    And if he lost such a large portion of his account, he may just consider it blown at this point because he obviously lacks the skills to make it back.
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    It will not be simple to come back from a 66% loss, but hopefully it was money that he can live without and was suppose to be used as education material :)
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  9. Lol why would I lie about something like that to people on the internet?!?! Lol and even if I did know u guys I wouldn't care, I'm not that kind of guy, I don't give a shit to say the least. I'd be like look at this shitty ass account. I mean if it makes you feel any better we can just say it's mine. Cool? Point was we have two different views on what would be the cash amount once closed. I'll dig deeper into that in a separate response but I pretty much agree with everyone here but how he explains it makes u think......
  10. Luckily for him he does pretty good for himself and this is pocket change. 16k sure wouldn't be that for me! I wish.
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