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  1. Getting back into futures trading after a 6 year hiatus, I use Advantage Futures as my broker and have been happy with rates/leverage etc.

    Here's the problem... I want to be able to take overnight positions and be able to trade them wherever I want, ie. put them on at the trading desk, trade globex from home at night or in the a.m., then be able to go back to the office and see all my positions and p/l accurately reflected. Sounds simple right? Strangely (to me at least) no...
    Noone at Advantage has been willing or able to answer my question as to which platform has all the above capabilities.

    Offered Platforms:

    I traded futures at big prop firm years ago but it was through their proprietary front end and I believe it was a TT-FIX connection.

    I am currently using the new TradeVec platform and it is a cool piece of software but it also uses TT-FIX does not maintain position info on the client side (or even update every day), I need to rememember my positions from day to day and its getting kinda old. I'm led to beleive its a TT-FIX issue and any platform dependant on this will have the same problem...

    I have never heard of any of the other platforms listed on the Advantage site and have no idea if they will fit my needs (and neither apparently does anyone at Advantage, one guy went so far to add that almost everyone is a day trader so it hasnt been an issue, lol)

    Anyone have ant experience or feedback for me regarding these platforms? Am I going to have to consider another broker for what I want to do?

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    have you tried xtrader? it has all the capabilities you are looking for and alot of people are happy with it.
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    TT is arguably the best platform for your needs, but don't overlook Ninja Trader in your search. It is more cost effective than using xtrader andhas some automation capability to add to your trading. You can use Ninja to trade futures, forex and stocks on it so if you are trading multiple markets, that could come in handy.
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    well the thing is with Ninja Trader that it does not support overnight positions with TT and that's one of his hang ups, i dont know how other feeds work with that regards.
  5. Can anyone confirm that all TT-FIX based apps clear out position files at the eod? It seems to be the case but I havent been told this is an absolute yet.

    Out of all the platforms Advantage offers only the CTS T4 platform seems to explicity support overnights... maybe i just dont get it but i find it hard to believe none of these platforms easily support multi day holding periods.
  6. This app doesnt execute throught TT-FIX? Are overnights 100% for sure supported?

    I'm 100% discretionary so I assume the "lite" version would be what I want?

    Thanks for the feedback....

  7. Depends on what server you are on, but I use it and love it.
  8. Depending on volume you trade, tradestation works good and supports this. Their commissions though are higher. The night crew for support has never failed me.
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    I am using Tradevec too for sometimes and its the ONLY software using TT FIX that can handle:

    1. unfiltered data with no latency from TT Fix on hundreds of symbols, i use 64bit vista and its very fast.

    2. Handles the overnight across session order transfers

    3. Also i can login from one PC, put on positions and logout then go home and login to my home pc and all my positions are reconstructed!

    I had to bitch my broker for a while as they has screwed up some setting on tt fix which cleared my positions every night but now thats resolved and Tradevec handles it fine.

    Add to that the most unreal charting i have ever seen in 20 years of trading, it really is a spectacular piece of work. Cheaper then XTrader, and i heard they are developing spread trading windows soon as well.

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