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  1. YNGY


    I am new to elite trader but not new to forums. There doesn't seem to be any new user forum so I'll introduce myself here. I am a former market maker in crude options and softs who left the floor 10 years ago to start working in commercial real estate development. I live in NYC and CT.

    "YNGY" was my badge at NYMEX.
  2. Handle123


    Well aboard.

    So how is the commercial real estate going?

    Did you try a transition to electronic?
  3. YNGY


    My family develops RE but I am just a shareholder now. A family of architects and it's too sedate for me. I worked at QUAD Group for a few years but left when they took on a lot of new guys and now I trade my personal account in CL, distillates and equity options. So yes, I transitioned to upstairs OK.
  4. sle


    The full complex, I assume equity options in energy space too? interesting apporach
  5. YNGY


    Yeah, E&P upstream, diversified. I am mostly a backspreader as old habits die hard, but I am reading about what you buyside types are doing as well. Can you recommend any specific threads?
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