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  1. Mach


    Just want to say hi to everyone around here and congratulate Elite Trader on the good place you've built here.

    I've been lurking around in the past few days so here is a brief introduction...

    Unfortunately, I'm not involved in trading and i never was, but i'm starting to bang my head against the wall as my reading about the subject goes deeper.

    Being self-employed for the past 2 years i've improved my life from my previous history as an employed worker but really, not as much as i expected.
    I'm going through a phase now, where i find myself 20 years from now and still doing the same things, doing the same savings and still not reaching my personal goals. I started looking for alternatives and ended up in the stock market. Probably not the smartest option some may say.

    Anyway, i'm catching up with the forum by reading the previous posts but hope you don't mind giving me a hand here and there.

    Oh and i'm 26 years old, from Portugal, so go easy on the spell checker! :)
  2. If you'd like to pick a side we can introduce you to the apparently years long ET debates.

    Just answer these two questions.

    What political party do you ally your self with?

    Do you believe in god?

  3. do yourself a favor and avoid any threads involving either of those topics

    welcome to ET and good luck on your trading.
  4. she is on a politics kick. We must know where you stand in order to treat you like a man or beast.

    I'm not going to tell you which answer will make you a beast.
  5. Mach


    Make me a beast for not answering them.
    You'll sure get a shot on where i stand! ;)
  6. ...also, are you a starving, thin artist who works as a stock boy for circuit city? If so, your leader is not far away:D :D
  7. she? I'm flattered.....
  8. Don't forget the Diet threads!


    Are you "low carbs/high fat" OR "low fat/high carbs >(hint: right answer)

  9. Mach


    I was more... erm... hoping to get here a new diet for my wallet based on the well know "low losses/high profits" :p
  10. Didn't I already kick your ass verbally three times? Go back to your cave, tall skinny boy.
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