Hello Vietnam! Persian Gulf of Tonkin?

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  1. By: Brian Rehak - 06/10/03

    When first we met 'Operation Iraqi Freedom,' we were told by Mr. Bush that we HAD TO INVADE IRAQ IMMEDIATELY because Saddam Hussein was about to make use sell mail ship drop spray a wide and rich collection of chemical, biological, AND nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

    The salient fact that Reagan-Bush and the Europeans gladly sold Saddam his WMD technology back in the 1980s was not brought up in mixed company.

    Mr. Bush was having trouble selling the War, so Mr. Powell showed our 'non-proof' to the United Nations in a much-hyped made-for-TV Adlai Stevenson 'Cuban Missile Crisis' moment, but the pansy cowards REJECTED US!

    The Administration took out its anger on the French and all those Peacenik Hollywood Limousine Gay Liberal Elitist Media Traitors!. Not to be outdone, a proud Republican Congress renamed the spuds on Capitol Hill, 'Freedom Fries.' 'Black List' became the new black.

    Fox News and all the nut right radio voices raised the alarm. The Barbarians were at the gate!!! Oddly enough, many Iraqis later said the same thing of us.

    In reality, a lot of good people who normally admire and trust America looked intently at Mr. Powell's Iraqi WMD presentation in the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 5 and realized that thanks to our hyper-advanced technology, we proved beyond ANY doubt that we had absolutely NO solid evidence, and we had the secret photos to prove it!

    Then the Bush Wranglers took command! The order: SPIN WAR!

    Screw the U.N.! Screw the Frickin French! Sean Penn is a sissy boy! ATTACK! Cry havoc and loose the dogs of Rumsfeld!!!

    We MUST act to bring peace to a waiting world and drive out the dictator! We MUST bring American-style Democracy to the poor oppressed Iraqi People. They'll greet us as liberators, like when we took Paris in WWII. Damn, the PRIDE IS BACK! We're on a CRUSADE FOR DEMOCRACY! Roll Country Music! Cue FIREWORKS!

    Our bombs may turn out to be smarter than the folks who insisted we drop them.

    They promised us SHOCK & AWE and damn if we didn't get it.

    SHOCK, that after we trashed the country and all these people died on both sides, the WMD and Saddam are both still missing inside Iraq, along with a lot of precious artifacts, and the Bush Administration's dwindling credibility.

    AWE, that maybe the entire rest of the World just MAY have been 'partially correct' in suggesting we were acting in haste and Mr. Wolfowitz just MAY have devised the WRONG Neocon Chicken Hawk Sure Fire 2004 Victory OP PLAN? You want to bet this staffed out a lot better than it's going? Ari picked a good time to book.

    There is shock, and awe, and great sadness. Across Iraq, still strewn with thousands of weapons and munitions, a lot of really pissed off 'Free Iraqis' are showing their gratitude to Mr. Bush by killing our kids, and our kids are killing them back. They are starting to hate us. For which Bush concept of 'Iraqi Freedom' are all these new people now dying? Fake foreign policy still causes real deaths.

    The Iraqis are fighting back because the Bush Administration apparently wants to dictate their civil government, control religious thought, structure their economy, set the makeup of their courts, exploit their mineral wealth, limit their press freedoms, and thwart the political will of a majority.

    They want to run Iraq just like Neocon America!

    Except, they also want to control all the GUNS. The NRA is not big in Baghdad, and apparently guns DO kill people. Iraqis have until June 14 to hand in their heavy weapons, or face a year in jail. Could this mean AK-47's are really dangerous in civil hands?

    Ever notice how a dumb idea is still dumb no matter how many people drink a beer to it? "Gulf War II: This time we mean it!"

    A lot of very satisfied GOP WAR supporters watched Fox News at the sports bar and high-fived each other with every missile strike. They are the backbone of today's Republican Party. Call them, the 'Ignorati.' They are SURE one of the Teletubbies is gay. They are at once pro life and pro death penalty. They know Satan is real, and global warming is not. They await 'The Rapture.' They view poverty as a character defect. They can't be distracted by the facts. They love Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and wanted America to kick some Camel Jockey Ass! HOORAHHH!

    PART I
  2. PART II

    One dares not inflame the Ignorati, lest they get 'DIXIECHICKED.' Getting Dixiechicked is just like when an old business associate uses the massive national media power you gave him to trash somebody you don't like. But that would be wrong...

    The KEY to the Ignorati's favor is they always need somebody to HATE. A-RABS are easy to hate, and damn if everybody doesn't hate the French. Without blind hatred, being ignorant loses a lot of its appeal as a lifestyle.

    So Bush gave them GREAT 'non-reality TV' -- "Troops Gone Wild: Baghdad," and THE PRIDE WAS BACK. Every time a two billion dollar B-2 dropped a smart bomb on a mud hut, the Ignorati CHEERED! Desert camo clothing sales were off the chart. Manhood was back in season.

    They LOVED our Iraqi 'non-victory,' but were soon ready to chase 'the next big thing,' The Ignorati are easy. Sometimes it's as simple as landing a jet on an aircraft carrier, or doing a tax cut, or having Fox News shift to a nice gooey murder, and the rest of the 24/7 media blindly follows, because Fox may not be a lot of things, but it IS Number One. This is not to be confused with 'Number Two,' which some folks think it also is.

    Along the Potomac, the 'Beltway Centurions' are still basking in the afterglow of big poll numbers as they help the 'Ignorati' celebrate our wonderful 'non-victory,' and the first bright days of the great postwar 'non peace.' As Mr. Bush retains his edge in the opinion polls, it appears 7 in 10 Americans would rather be lied to by a Republican.

    The U.S. economy has lost 3.1 million jobs under Bush, much of it from corporate greed, but the Reverend Mr. Ashcroft, is busy making sure the critical Martha Stewart case doesn't suffer by wasting DOJ resources on Enron or Bush supporter Ken Lay. It's June, and their dreams turn to moving Clarence Thomas up to Chief Justice.

    It would be un-American to sully this proud moment, but slowly, defiantly some folks on both sides of Congress are starting to ask some very untidy questions of the Bush Administration and the U.S. Intelligence Community about why we went to war at all. They speak for our dead kids.

    Odd to see the words 'Intelligence' and 'Bush Administration' in the same wire story.

    The finger pointing is already starting. What did Bush know, and when did he misstate it? Retired spook talking heads from DIA, NSA, and CIA are busy defending turf. The Intel was cooked! The Bush Spinmeisters were all over the Sunday talk shows, saying the still-missing WMD we HAD to invade Iraq for are...well, no big deal... Saddam is gone! Get over it!

    Could the Republicans just be profiting from other people's misery as always? Maybe it WAS only about oil? Would the Cheney-Halliburton Administration dare openly mislead us?

    We HAD to go in. We HAD no choice. World Peace was at stake! If we didn't stop them here, now, they'd poison the whole region and the World would be drawn into NUU-CUU-LAR WAR! Such was the Administration's power that we all supported the President. To question our holy right to kick ass was to risk mayhem in any cowboy bar in the land. We're behind you, Mr. President!!! The year was 1964. The President was Lyndon Johnson (1908-1973).

    'Gulf of Tonkin' is seldom heard today, but it dominated and tore apart two generations in this country. We HAD to go in there, too....

    On the afternoon of August 2, 1964, the US Navy destroyer Maddox (DD-731) was off of North Vietnam, near Hon Me Island in the Gulf of Tonkin on a secret DESOTO Intelligence patrol in support of U.S.-backed coastal interdiction raids. The U.S. was not officially at war. Three North Vietnamese torpedo boats reportedly came out from Hon Me and attacked the Maddox unsuccessfully, though one machine gun bullet did hit the destroyer. This was the "first attack."

    The Maddox then left the Gulf of Tonkin, but came back on August 3, accompanied by another destroyer, the Turner Joy (DD-951). On the night of August 4, radar operators on Turner Joy reported 'torpedo boats' attacking and both ships fired hundreds of rounds in a confused and frantic night surface action. This was the "second attack."

    On August 5, following Johnson's orders, planes from the US aircraft carriers, Ticonderoga and Constellation, carried out retaliatory air strikes against North Vietnam. At Johnson's insistence, an inflamed Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, otherwise called Joint Resolution of Congress H.J. RES 1145, on August 7, 1964.

    It begins, "Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that the Congress approves and supports the determination of the President, as Commander in Chief, to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression."

    The document became an excuse, and a blank check.

    About sixty thousand dead American kids later, Richard Nixon declared 'non-victory' and we ran away. The long-suffering Vietnamese people finally threw off their foreign oppressors and set to installing some dandy home-grown ones. It later surfaced that perhaps there was no actual torpedo boat "second attack" that dark night in the Tonkin Gulf. Things were 'confused.' People who were there are not sure today what the hell happened. Would the Johnson Administration dare mislead us?

    The honored dead whose names give sweet majesty to the Vietnam Memorial can never know all their brave young sacrifice might have spun from a lie. At least those guys got a Wall. While today's Iraqi vets are serving in harm's way, the Republicans last week cut a tax credit that would have greatly benefitted low paid enlisted people with kids.

    When questioned during a Cabinet meeting today about our complete failure to find any Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction in the two months since we 'took' Baghdad, a defiant Mr. Bush was quoted by AP, "I am absolutely convinced that with time, we'll find out they did have a weapons program."

    Program? What about the actual WMD? We HAD to invade?

    When asked if his credibility is at stake, Bush said, "The credibility of this country is based upon our strong desire to make the world more peaceful, and the world is now more peaceful after our decision."

    Your concept of 'peaceful' depends if you're a forever-rich Texas Oil Guy in a neat government job, or just some nameless brave American PFC playing, "Survivor: The Tigress" for real.

    Last night in our new 'Free Iraq,' at a traffic checkpoint near Qaim, two people with pistols got out of their car and killed one more American soldier. Since Baghdad fell on April 9, 39 U.S. troops have been killed by hostile action and 41 have died in accidents, bringing deaths in 'Iraqi Freedom' to 182. Eighty of our best and brightest have fallen SINCE Saddam's statue was toppled. For WMD? For Halliburton? For what, exactly?

    Meanwhile, officials at the looted Iraq Central Bank began printing millions of 'Saddam Dinars' last week to ease a crisis over bogus 10,000-Dinar notes. Bad planning has forced Iraq's U.S.-led administrators to print new banknotes with Saddam's smiling face still on them. Perhaps they couldn't find an engraving of David Lesar, Halliburton's current CEO.

    Consider the poor North Koreans in all this. They are the next carnival act in the Bush Show. They yearn to lose a war to America just to cash in, but up against these folks, they might just win. Then where would we be?

    Since the Bush Administration fell so in love with 'Shock & Awe,' a concept introduced in the popular Nazi Magazine, "Signal," perhaps it's fitting to label the current Bush Iraqi combat situation in equally Teutonic terms.

    'Sturm und Dung' might work. No, let's call it, 'Schysskriege.'

    The modern concept of Schysskriege depends on the folks who blindly support the war being no smarter than those who rule them. It seems to be working here perfectly. Thank God Mr. Bush didn't listen to those timid souls who insisted we continue to search for the Iraqi WMD before actually starting a religious war we can't now stop.

    Our favorite Roman historian, Publius Cornelius Tacitus (55-120 AD), speaks to the Bush people once more, "Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty."

    Empires are so predictable."

    You know folks.. I can imagine having the same exact discursion back then.
    Warmongers, trusty naive, drummed up with fear and patriotic fervor, attacking anyone who was against the war, and questioning the gov't's bull$shit:mad: :mad:

    We lost over 55 thousand of our own, millions of theirs, countless innocent civilians, all for what? So that thug LBJ get the presidency and pay his backers?:mad:

    Naive freedom fires, fat, trusty, public, swallowed the bs hook line and sinker. Gov't lied again, public ate it up. History keeps on repeating it self:( :(
  3. Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August 1765) John Adams

    Standing On The Dead
    By Marc Ash

    "What luck for the rulers that men do not think."
    --Adolf Hitler

    In October of 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, the U.S. government halted operations at New York's Union Banking Corporation. A bank official was charged with "Running Nazi front groups in the United States."

    His name: Prescott Bush.

    Prescott Bush, father of future U.S President George Herbert Walker Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush, had been hard at work on behalf of his Nazi partners. In flagrant violation of U.S. law, Prescott Bush had worked tirelessly to launder money, procure raw materials, arrange transportation and provide guidance for the Nazi war effort and the German army he had helped to build.

    In April of 2002, George W. Bush -- standing literally on the bones of the men who fell at Normandy beachhead in mortal combat with that very same Nazi army -- delivered his Memorial Day address. He said, in part, "This is a day our country has set apart to remember what was gained in our wars, and all that was lost."

    Let us remember.

    As the German army came crashing into Poland, spreading death and destruction in its path, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

    As German tanks rolled through the Ardennes Forest and into Paris, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

    As Allied forces fighting to defend France were forced literally into the sea at Dunkirk by the German Army, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

    As German war planes rained bombs down on London, killing 50 thousand English men, women and children, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

    As millions died at the hands of the most ruthless and violent organization the world has ever known, Prescott Bush continued aiding them.

    And of course, as Hitler and the Nazis planned and carried out the extermination of Europe's Jews, Prescott Bush was an eager and active partner.

    When did Bush stop? When we made him stop.

    In this case, George W. Bush won't have to worry about the US Government shutting him down. That's been taken care of -- he is the US Government.

    As debate rages back and forth across the Atlantic over the morality and acceptability of this assault against Iraq, it is interesting to note the German position.

    It was Germany who bought most completely into the war lie during the past century. It was the German people who, with their faith in country and leadership, and even their loyalty to the Fatherland, made possible the greatest nightmare the world has ever known. It is those same German people who stand today before Europe and the world in unflinching opposition to this latest world conquering force.

    How well do the German people know George W. Bush? Better than they want to.

    See Also: Bush Is Not A Nazi, So Stop Saying That


    Heir to the Holocaust : http://www.clamormagazine.org/features/issue14.3_feature.3.html

    The Bush Nazi Connection : http://www.lpdallas.org/features/draheim/dr991216.htm

    Gold Fillings, Auschwitz & George Bush : http://www.spiritone.com/~gdy52150/bushies.htm

    Or just do a search at www.google.com under " Prescott Bush Nazi UBC 1942" and take your pick of the documents that come up. (Highly recommended.)
  4. lundy


    wow, my support for bush just dropped by 100%.

    luckily he can only be in office for 8 years. I wish Mccain were president...

    big money runs this country. nothing short of a revolution will change that.

    how to solve the problem? live life fully in some remote paradise... don't have kids.
  5. lundy


    the problem isn't just with Bush tho. The problem is with big money. Lots of the biggest names on Wall Street.... and all the old money is blood money.

    The old money is what runs this country. Do something about it, or get over it.
  6. The most well-known is George Bush:
    The Unauthorized Biography

    by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin


    As usual one must read carefully and discard facts from opinions like when you read any piece of paper. There are many facts and that can be recouped with facts from Holocaust trials (notably the most recent ones by jews individuals about the Rockfeller nazi connection although it is not directly Bush, Rockfeller-Bush connection is very tight in the past and until today) and other totally independant writers like the New York times journalist who has been ex-member of the skulls and bones sect and wrote the "secrets of the tombs" to reveal that about 1200 people from journalists to politicians and of course bankers and intelligence service belong to this sect which until revelation was totally uncovered unlike scientology although much more terribly dangerous and powerful : Bush Father and Son belongs to this satanist sect and you can have a clue when Bush Junior invited the satanic leader Ozie Osborne and declared to him: "we love you Ozie" haha !

  7. lundy


    there were many accounts of how the bush family is connected to the holocaust. I find it funny that you chose the most audacious and far fetched one.

    Some of the others are beleivable... but the one you quoted also goes into a whole bunch of unrelated bullshit about aliens!