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Discussion in 'Options' started by LionZion, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Im a new guy here.. I've read a bit in your forum and it seems like a very nice place with nice people.

    I am Leeor, trader in options from Israel for 4 years for living.
    I ve looked for a long time to speak and share ideas with some options traders in other markets then in our little local market here.
    seems like the right place.
    My english is pretty bad but we could get along

    Here, in Israel we have a very big options market on our man index (tel aviv 25), the options market (only call/put for 1,2,3 monthes) rolls almost half of the value of the 25 stocks in the index. its tough numbers and very intersting market.

    Im trading in 3 lines, one line is "long term".. how much u can be long term in options, it usually means for the expiration in the coming month, this position is an astrategy that going and biuld with the days untill the expiration.
    line 2 is day trading, which means usualy "naked" long or short options with stoploss.
    and 3 line is series that I risk mannaging, which means I have a take profit per day to take when I will catch the movement, and each day I increase my exposure, my delta to this profits untill the movement comes and I close the series.

    well thats it for now, I really hope I could share more and learn from you guys!

  2. Hi, Leeor, I have a question.

    I know there are companies based in Israel such as Given Imaging and Comverse that trade on the US stock exchanges. (I know that options in Comverse aren't really trading any more since it was delisted from the Nasdaq exchange.)

    Often important news about them is found on the Globes newspaper web site. Is that the newspaper that Israeli stock traders mostly read? Are there other newspapers you can recommend (ones that have web sites in English?)
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    Hi loufah,
    Im happy to see you're intersting in our market :)
    I've red once that Israel is the country that have the most companies trading in the nasdaq. we have alot of Hi-Tec and Bic-Tec here.
    You forgot to mention Teva, which is the biggest company from israel in NY. In TA25 only there are 6 symboles trading also in NY, we call them Arbitrage Stocks.

    Anyway, to your question, yes defentily Globes is one of the two biggest ecconomic papers here. the other one is The Marker, its the ecconomic paper of Ha'haretz newspaper.
    you can find it in english here:

    all the best