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  1. Hello,
    I am new to the board, first post and have a question about whether this Router will be sufficient to insure wireless security. I started trading in the early 80's with the first home PC (IBM JR) and a 300 baud modem through Dial Data, prior to an Internet, Aol, Compuserve, Prodigy days. I have taken the last few years off from trading but I am starting back up. I have fallen behind with the current available technology but want excellent security. I have a new Dell laptop coming soon which I will use as a dedicated trading computer(No Internet) I have an old desk top with Windows 98 for the internet.

    Will this ROUTER be sufficient for wireless security, does it have all the security features you need these days?

    I just need the laptop to be wireless not the desktop. Will this work with an old pc and windows 98 and a new laptop? Linksys tells me it will work with the old pc and windows 98(which is what I was concerned about because some routers require 2000 or XP.
    I imagine my SBC DSL modem and the router will connect to the old windows 98 PC with an ethernet cable?and that will work to make the laptop wireless.

    I am technologically unsaavy(trying to learn though).
    THANKS for any help

  2. This Linksys router will meet your needs for wireless security. However it is important that you enable WPA or WEP encryption on both the router and laptop with the largest possible key possible. You also want to disable SSID broadcasts on the router and enable MAC address screening so only your laptop's MAC address can connect to the router wirelessly.

    My follow-up question would be to ask why are you doing your trading using wireless. A wired ethernet connection will have less delay and better throughput. If your trading is very rapid (e.g. scalping) then using wireless may be painful. If you only make a couple of trades per day then this is a different story.

    - Greg
  3. Don't use a wireless connection for trading....they are very slow.
  4. Agree. But if you did I wouldn't go with N. Not yet anyway. Stay with G. Kind of like most peolple are still in XP mode, not Vista.
  5. Thanks for the info.
    What is SSID, MAC address?

    In answer to your questions. I won't be scalping, I will be making a handful of trades daily especially initially, and I have a bad back and can't sit at a desk for long periods of time. I will likely wire the laptop but I want the flexibility to be wireless when things are slow. When things are moving fast and I am making alot of trades I will be at a desk wired. Other than that I would like to be unwired so I can lay down on the couch kick back monitor the markets, watch cnbc and securities and relax my back.
  6. I ordered my laptop with an N wireless card. I want to buy an N router instead of having to buy a G and then later an N. I don't see any disadvantage to an N router. What do you see as a disadvantage to using N speedss now?
  7. I'm new to networking too, but two disadvantages to getting N hardware now seem to be (1) cost, and (2) bugs/compatibility, plus the possibility of standards being different and your equipment not being able to be flashed to be current.

    I'm thinking you could probably buy 11g rig now + new N stuff later for the same or less cost than getting N stuff today.... and you wouldn't be risking all the current N uncertainty.

    Do the new laptops have an "N" chip or still with the b/g, but you can get an "N" card?...
  8. They are not all compatible. Standard is not set. Manufacturers all went to market before the standard was set.
  9. Kind of sounds like Vista, eh?
  10. That N router from Linksys costs $100 so I don't have a problem with N being more expensive.
    The Laptop with the N Intel N card will operate at g or b speeds at a location(Starbucks) that isn't up to N speeds. So the N routers are backwards compatabile.
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