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  1. Hello! I am from russia, moscow and i want to find friends there! I have been learning trading for about 6-7 months abd it will be great if i could find some community there.
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    Although I and my parents were born in New York, my fathers family is from Russia (My dad was born with the last name Moscowitz) and my mother's family is from from a village in the Ukraine called Bershad.


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  3. Nice to meet you, Bob. I have one question : Has this forum any chat in telegram/whatsup, where traders can communicate?
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    No. Only through private messages and posts.
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    Wellcome to ET! I am from Odessa, left many years ago, probably before you were born, lol. Which markets are do you learning?
  6. Hello! I trade a specific instrument called binary options.
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    Hello! Where is it regulated, which exchange? This is very important. I just would like to help you. Markets are beautiful but tough, so choose only regulated ones.
  8. Thank you for your care. I trade on very populrp broker Binary, it has a strict regulation, so I don't worry about it. Also Binary has lots of branches around the world and you can go to there website to know more about it.
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    Congratulations on running a GREAT World Cup competition.
    A beacon of hope and peace.
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    You are so welcome! And I just follow my call, my simple belief that if in the world will be a more successful individual trader we will be very close to the idealistic world of John Lennon's"Immagine".
    And I still a concern - no, no and no. I will not be in peace until you switch on the product where the broker is regulated and a member of the exchange of the product you trade. Please, forgive me, were coming or better to say we are living a dramatic experience and our brokers were UBS and Credit Suisse banks (just a "few" more branches around the world)), the problem it that our trades were generated here in the Bahamas and it is years we are proving the obvious truth in courts! So many are simply then giving up, but it is not our option. So for you, question - were you able to cash your profits?
    Trade well but avoid skiing off the track. Look here on ET, two points are confirmed:
    1. Those who are constantly profitable all agree in one- trading become boring once you are profitable. So, please, skip "hidden treasures" and unknown pathes.
    2. There are some posts on Forex and other brokers forums where other traders exposed scam they suffered, worth to read
    3. Trading, successful, elite trading (otherwise we would not subscribe here, right?) is a very individual game, you can win only accordingly your own personality. But do not mistake it with "discovering America" in terms of a broker(simple choice, read here on ET, consider to take a look on ET's sponsors) or invite the wheel in terms of TA or PM.
    Good luck, and I am waiting when you will put my heart in peace with your profit cashed or product and broker changed..
    And it is literally amazing and make me wish to come back after more then ten years, "We all fell in love with Russia. You say you talk about stereotypes: yes, it's true, maybe they were. But when a person comes here, sees the whole atmosphere, he can not help falling in love with the country. We absolutely enjoy. I feel like a child in a toy store, I just do not know how to explain it," said FIFA president Gianni Infantino. https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/
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