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Discussion in 'Events' started by MattZ, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. MattZ

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    Hello Guys, My name Is Matt and I am from Optimus Trading Group. We are a discount firm and our main driver of technology is Rithmic.
    Optimus has customers on all those platforms that we can deliver this technology over and we offer hosting solutions for our traders in the event they are far from the exchange or just want to improve the latency of trading.

    I have known Baron the owner of EliteTrader for many years and have respected the community he has built.
    Over the years reading this forum I have learned to respect the profitable traders that are here, the knowledge base and how brokers are evaluated.
    Above all, I have respect the choices people make for trading accounts.

    I am here to discuss technology, our solutions or anything else that matters for traders.
    We at Optimus are not big advertisers as I prefer to put most of the $ generated towards building better customer service via the different avenues available. But, I always liked our customers who were on EliteTrader so I have started a small ad campaign on ET.
    In any case, hello…and I hope to build a good rapport with you all.
  2. RobertG


    Matt, I just found your post!
    You run a great shop, and I appreciate your support.
    Rithmic is great and I although I resisted in the beginning you insisted on it and I am happy today. Thanks for not being a "yes, sir" kinda guy.

    listen, Jennifer is always best with all these paperwork I send her way..give her a raise.

  3. MattZ

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    Thank you RobertG. We try.
    We have recently launched our http://trade.desk.com/
    to help customer in a timely fashion.
    As for Rithmic: are in the midst of creating something new for many platforms that many traders will like, or at least I hope so.

    I will pass your good word to Jennifer.

  4. MattZ,

    Welcome to ET. I hope that everybody can get the most out of ET and your threads.

    I wish you the best...

  5. MattZ

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    Thank you ES, thank you so much and very nice of you to say that. I hope to interact and learn alot from the needs of the most experienced traders here. As part of my netiquette I will not sound like a prmo machine here.

    I will try to add value where I think I can, and above all be truthful. ET has been a round for a long time, and I know how hard it is to moderate thousands of threads while keeping everyone happy.

    Again, thanks for the welcome!