hello from new member

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pheropetyp, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Good evening!

    I think admin made very nice forum where
    anyone can message about latest industry news and meet new friends .

    I've just registered and hope to find many useful things here

  2. FRIGGEN SPAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

    Comes in acting all nice and only one post...WHATEVA!!! The entire collective ET community is bending over, you can kiss each ass cheek Spammer.

    Rennick out:D :D

    ps. I can spot 'em from a country mile fellas.
  3. We are a very cynical and untrusting bunch arent we :D

  4. Man, times have changed.

    Rennick being nice to a newbie.

    Old Rennick would've made the newbie cry and shiver with a fear.:D