hello , discuss trading successful rule

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  1. this i think important trading rule , i'm tawan english degree low to advise

    1 agreesive myself at the very start only make light trading position

    2 in right time to raise the quota

    3 in bad time decline position , object is control lose and large lose posibility

    4 understand myself , set object

    daily trader and trend trader in to raise the quota timing have large differnce , this a think problem?

    1 but when trend decision?
    2 when market speed fell decision ??
    3 when market to advance to stop from??
  2. a topic for discussion , so how to trend continue?

    where a revision not buy?

    risk and profit valuation is first important

    in trading , lose original is trading a part , to be skilled in lose , but final could winer , target is control hold your lose amount

    market advance not predict , what to handle??

    your trading position not market confirm right? what to you disign trading plan?

    understand myself money situation and profit target and to take maxium lose amount , myself is trend trader or daily trader??fixed position understand myself to think earn many profit?
  3. To the OP.

    You are asking the right questions, but no one here is going to give you the answer, even if they have it.

    What you must do is:

    1. Ask yourself the right question(s).

    2. Keep good notes everyday of the market's behavior.

    3. Keep good notes everyday of how you traded.

    Eventually you will begin to see how the patterns develop, and hopefully be able to trade them succssfully.
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