Hello, Amero

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cubsguy81, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. The Fed is currently destroying our currency to bring its valuation more in line with the Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso for the planned transtion to the Amero.

    By destroying the dollar, commodities will soon be priced in Euros causing panic and the sheeple will buy into the Amero concept and thus the US Dollar will complete its demise.
  2. The Amero is some stupid Canadian concept from 5 years ago developed by a private think-tank when their currency was shit and they all dreamed of having American dollars. Since then thoes losers have abandoned the plan. Especially now, who the hell would want to shar a currency with USA?
  3. And why would US want to share its currency with Mexico.. unless it's to cover up dastardly deeds?