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  1. I'm a would-be writer with a question.

    I've heard about shorting stocks and currency exchanges. Is it possible to short currencies in the same manner as shorting stocks? And if so, how much can you make from this method?
  2. No, you cant short currencies the same way as stocks. You have to sell a currency against another currency. Meaning if you want to short the dollar, you have have to sell against the Euro, or Canadian dollar, or any other currency paired with the dollar.

    Read about Forex to understand it better.
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    Yes it is possible. And you can easily make more wealth than you can imagine. I'm sure some other posters will be contacting you with information on how you can reap huge piles of wealth with no risk, very little work all from the comfort of your own home. if not, just tune into broadcast television late at night to find out about low cost, money back guaranteed courses that will make you rich beyond your dreams of avarice.
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    If you short stock, you buy a currency too?
  5. even if you can't do it with forex you can with spreadbetting.
  6. You can short currencies via the futures markets rather than the cash markets.