Helen Thomas tells Jooos to go back to Germany

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Oh, and she hates tea partiers, too. Not that you couldn't have figured that out yourself.
  2. jem


    The left is abandoning Isreal?
    This is really starting to look odd to me?

    Who is running the leftist show right now?

    Pro Isreal groups will soon be strengthening ties with Christian Evangelicals.

    All the pro Isrealis really have to do is stop supporting abortion and perhaps their support of big government... then they could tie up with evangelicals and maybe even Catholics.

    It would be fringe radicals against... the good guys in my opinion. Soon the good guys would pull in Christian Blacks and Mexicans with Jobs.

    We could have a great country again.
    More isolated, lower taxes- no death culture... and perhaps we could bring back jobs by targeting important industries... like the other "free trade countries".
  3. The United States is more of an occupied country that Israel. At least Jews were in Israel 1000s of years ago. There were no white people in todays US 1000s of years ago. Maybe this woman should "go home"
  4. Actually Germany has the only growing Jewish population in Europe
  5. The Guardian is reporting that a 19-year old american is among the unarmed innocent people murdered by the Israel war criminals earlier this week. He was contributing to the peaceful and noble humanitarian mission delivering medicine and food to the starving, sick and poor innocent people of Palestine while on the civilian boat in international waters.

    The 19-year old american was unarmed, and his murder was savagely done: Five gunshot wounds: nose, back, back of head, left leg, left ankle. In close range.

    May this young american rest in peace.

    The military hardware, the training, the guns, the bullets, and the wages of the criminals who murdered this young american are funded by money the criminals in Israel receive from America's tax money.
  6. 377OHMS


    What is a "death culture"? Abortion?
  7. jem


    I am not sure the culture of death is well defined -- it is mostly abortion and the use of taxpayer money to fund it.
    But, by most it touches on abortion and its historical ties to eugenics.

    It probably also touches on stem cell research and triage. But frankly I do not know how you get around the rationing of health care.
  8. I wonder why z10 hasn't cried racism yet on this one.

    I can't imagine what would have happend if palin or glen beck said it about blacks or mexicans.

    Ooohhh the horror.

    somebody should put that old hag in a home.
  9. Great point. If someone would have said "blacks need to go back to Africa" then people would have been grabbing pitch forks left and right. If said about Jews, that seems to be okay with the marxists.

    Racism is fine, so long as it's agaist Jews or Caucasians...

  10. Socialist strategy- "Hmmm, I know... lets take the two most affluent groups of society, and make bitter enemies of them..."

    This sort of logic makes it horrifying that these people have the white house right now. Alternatively, it's hard to imagine that these people's reign is going to be very long lived...
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