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  1. Here is a play that may come in to fruition after the fed meeting.
    Chart is annotated for reference.
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  2. Nice chart!
  3. This trade never triggered as it never got above 29.55. Its still on my radar to watch, however with that big fat sell off today it will now need to really work its way up there as it ended up closing at 28.7 area. So right this trade never triggered and is going to be placed on my alerts for trigger above 29.55.
  4. HELE trade triggered today with a rise above 29.65 refer to chart above. Play is live now.
  5. gms


    When/where did you enter?
  6. In at 29.71 today on pullback after it broke out this morning
  7. gms


    Was that a fib level? I was watching HELE this morning, but because the market was generally weak, I wanted to see more strength in HELE. It was pulling back further than 29.71.
  8. Not a fib level that I went in on. Just took a educated shot on the pullback thats all. Using the daily and 60 min chart up above as my guide.