Heldental.com ???

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    does anyone know about these guys?


    "leading prop trading firm worldwide, more than 3700 traders, 30+ offices".

    But nearly nothing on Google.....
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    BS and snake oil. Period.

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    No, dude, they just misspelled it. It's a dentist - "Hell Dental"
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  4. 'leading prop trading firm worldwide, more than 3700 traders' is quite misleading.

    The actual company who is meant to have these 3700 traders stated above is 'daytradetheworld (dot) com'.

    Heldental is a new company who has registered on their 'start a trading floor' program. They earn a commission with Heldental and Heldental with people signing up with them.

    They do trade mainly stocks and forex, but like most prop trade firms out there, you are forced to day trade only.

    Before you're given a (small) amount of money to trade with, you have to pay a small fee (compared to other prop firms, their fee is not that high). After that, you will trade demo first (couple of weeks to couple of months) and have to reach a specific goal in order to be finally accepted. If you fail to meet this goal, you might try it once again (and pay again).

    Although they're not honest about their actual number of traders, they seem legit - but as most prop firms one finds online and gets accepted easily (compared to the big boys), it makes no sense to trade for them with such small amounts you'll be given.

    If you're already doing good at trading and your account balance is higher than $1000, you better trade for yourself. 50/50 profit split between you and them plus on these 50% you'll receive, you'll have to pay 35-40% income tax - not 26.75 % withholding capital tax which would apply if you trade with your own money on your own account.

    When prop firms which are also trading forex, telling you we will capitalize you with 50k - 100k, I'd be suspicious. As we know, 100k equals one lot and with a 1:200 leverage you'd only need $500 in order to have a buying power of 100k.
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    Check the etymology of this name that tells you everything. An ever repeat in financial markets. The same crooked players, of the same ethnic race fleecing the rest of mankind. And anyone who speaks up gets canned. Good luck entrusting your funds with such outlet. You may as well park your money with a binary options broker in Haifa

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    thanks for your input.

    Very much appreciated.
  7. daytradetheworld=swifttrade
  8. this is a daytradetheworld trading floor. Nothing wrong about that. Most people can't trade their style of trading. Some basic strategies still work, momentum, scalping, rebate trading.

    They put you on a demo. If you can paper trade well, they put you live. Do well, they increase your lots size and loss from top. Start losing, they cut down your lot size and loss from top.

    Can't produce after a few months, you are let go. It is that simple. Most fail, some can squeeze out a decent living, very few go on to become big traders. Think of it like any sport where you require an edge. Most can't compete, some are stuck at the farm team level, few go on to play in the big leagues.
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    hey, did you try these guys? I find out you need to pay a €1500 price before you can join. I haven't found any bad review but really a lot of authentic good reviews as well. I just don't want to get scammed