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    Hello ALL,
    Could anybody tell me which software platform supports Heikin-Ashi Candles (weekly, daily, hourly time frames)?

    Thank you
  2. Plenty do.

    Quotetracker, Tradestation, Ensign ... etc.
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    Thank you
  4. Be aware that while Heikin-Ashi charts look pretty, they're not showing you actual price data, so when you think you're exiting at the bottom of a downtrend, price has probably actually started going up again and you've already lost money you just don't know it yet.
  5. I agree with you... the one thing I hate about Heikin-Ashi is not being able to see current price...

    not a big problem if you're trading off the level 2 screen and using the charts as guide... but it might be a problem is you're trading off the chart...
  6. they are good for defining the trend for whatever time frame you are using (one way to do it).

    the OP can use them to define the trend and use another chart with the same tiem frame and but non-heikin ashi candlestick to pin point his entries.