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    Anyone using Heikin Ashi Charts & have info on it, please post it ?

    What does a Non Heikin Ashi Bar mean ?

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    sort of interesting those... I recall looking at HA charts at one point, whatever I was looking for must not have been there, I still use OHLC bars... I do recall comparing the True Strength Indicator with HA charts at one point and seeing correlation but not much usefulness, though I remain convinced that if there is an indicator that actually has some value it might be the TSI but it's just nuts, it's a triple smoothed thing, it's an attempt to take the inherent lag in indicators and overcome it with triple EMA smoothing or something... the HA is more like an attempt to take the "shape" of the last bar and use it to interpret trend, at least the way I applied it... both are emphasizing the most recent activity... one thing to keep in mind is that the HA bar closing price is synthetic, you can't get in at the closing price... if you could you could have a fantastic strategy but you would be using a price level that has come and gone to enter based on info at the end of the bar! Of course the info at the end of the bar is better, it's already played out.. so there is an illusion built into those bars...
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    Any idea what a Non Heikin Ashi Bar mean ?
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    You guys should use Google...the answer is there.

  6. wrbtrader is a steath vendor.
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    wrbtrader's one of the few solid people on this forum.
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    I did spend a good deal of time reading & watching Viseos from Google on Heikin Ashi.

    It is a common sense in this age.

    If you have found what a " Non HA Bar " is & what it signifies, please point me to the links or post the anwer & I will be grateful. Is that fair ?

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    I pulled this from the above link in the first page results...

    Non Heikin-Ashi (HA) Bar

    Non HA bar means a price bar that hides the HA behind it.

    Note: They give a chart example.



    Another from the first page results via Ensign with chart example...



    Another from the third page results via forrex-tsd.com...

    "Non HA Bar". This occurs when the body of the HA bar (open to close) is enclosed by the body (open to close) of the actual price candlestick.

    Normally a Non HA Bar will only show up at the end of a run when the HA bars "catch up" to the price bars. Often the Non HA bar will occur BEFORE the HA direction flips. Thus one can trade the takeout of the Non HA Bar and be one bar ahead of the trader that is waiting for the flip in color.

    Note: They give several chart examples


    With that said, you're going to find MUCH BETTER Heikin Ashi chart discussions at forex forum in comparison to Elitetrader.com

    Further, most of the active discussions occurred between 2005 - 2008 and have become inactive since although I'm not sure why. Therefore, as you probably noticed, the use of this type of chart is not even close to the popularity of traditional Japanese Candlestick charts or Bar charts.

    I do remember a good piece of advice many years back, use HA along side with traditional Japanese Candlestick charts as confirmation. By the way, I don't use HA charts but I did spend a few years researching their merits versus Japanese Candlestick charts.

    Questions for You

    * You using metatrader, TradeStation, Ensign ???

    * You using Heiken Ashi charts or HA indicator ???

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    I would have said the same thing. Use the search on Google, instead of expecting someone else to do the research for you.
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