Heiken ashi system

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    Operate the first 2 hours after opening with 5-minute heiken ashi candles. Someone has tried? Can you mount a system with this?
    Can this ridiculous system get benefits?
    Maybe combined with tick charts to reduce the risk at the entrance?
    The trend is seen and low risk is entered Can work?
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    Strong days with follow through it'll work, other days it'll chop you to death, changing direction just as it turns on you again.

    Trade Chop primarily, then Direction, Direction on it's own = epic fail.
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    I think the problem is overoperating, if one day does not work then do not operate until the next day.
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    Sometimes when the day does not work, wanting to recover outside the opening is risky
  5. If you study the in and out of the Heiken Ashi chart, you confirm the trend or the change of the trend on the chart with other indicators and you do long enough screen time, then, in my opinion, will have a decent trend following system.
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    For example?
  7. Somehow I knew that was coming! :sneaky:
    you also have to put in the time to study and understand how the world financial system works as a whole and how some world events will influence the market direction.
    I remember Green span one time said " The first thing I do when I wake up in the moring is check the status of the world Bonds!!"
    Good luck
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  8. Heiken Ashi is okay, but I prefer to use Tawagoto torihiki shisutemu. This uses a special kind of candle that is guaranteed to work, 100% success rate.

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    I get 136.4415123% success rate, GAT, with that indicator. I win more trades than I trade.

  10. Lol!!!
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