Height of Hypocrisy: Sarah Palin Defends Limbaugh’s Use Of "Retard"

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  1. http://www.mediaite.com/online/height-of-hypocrisy-sarah-palin-defends-limbaughs-use-of-retard/

    So, because of her special needs child, Palin is deeply and personally offended when Rahm Emanuel uses the "R" word, and calls for Emanuel's resignation. However, it's all in good fun when Rush Limbaugh says it on national radio. I'm wondering how delighted and entertained Palin would have been had Limbaugh done Letterman's joke.

    A window on integrity, in a nutshell.

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  2. Palin is fucking retarded. Oh calm tea baggers it's just satire. :D
  3. Given her evident affinity to double standards, perhaps there is even more than meets the eye to the various and sundry allegations of her abuse of power in Alaska. Just guessing, of course, but once you have a clear view of someone's character and true nature...and there is absolutely nothing apologetic about her, just sanctimony.
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    I have a clear view of YOUR character and true nature...and there is absolutely nothing apologetic about YOU, just sanctimony.

    Does that mean you and Palin are two peas in a pod?
    Alaska does border Canada.
  5. That's bullshit. (How very surprising.) I've made mistakes in these forums and I admitted to them. Admittedly, however, it's far more fun poking at the "mistakes" of others. Sarah P., on the other hand, has never done any wrong. Ever. That's because she's better than everyone else.
  6. Rush Limbaugh call retards to (advocates for disabled people) that Rahm Emanual has the meeting with to apologize.
    So it is ok to Sarah Palin to call advocates for disabled people retards. And they are people who protect her disabled son.
    I think it is stupid to make the big deal of this, but Sarah Palin make the big deal of this for media attention for HER. Not her broken heart for her son.


    Rush Limbaugh

    "I think their big news is he’s out there calling Obama’s number one supporters f’ing retards. So now there’s going to be a meeting. There’s going to be a retard summit at the White House. Much like the beer summit between Obama and Gates and that cop in Cambridge."
  7. This is hilarious.

    And so well played and predicted by Rush himself.
  8. You're retarded buttscoe.
    It's satire, get it. I changed your User name since you are a butt. And I called you a retard because you listen to Rush, even though your probably not retarded. Thank goodness you retarded dittoheads have a good sense of humor. Ha I did it again.
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    Like spelling errors and such?
  10. I tend to point out spelling errors only among those posters who post bullshit. (Sorry, Lucrum. Nothing personal.) In so doing, the implication is that both content and form are absent. A complete package. A homerun of sorts.
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