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    Breaking news:

    nitro finds Holy Grail of trading.

    In an astonishing feat unequaled in the anals of mathematics, nitro has found the Holy Grail of Trading. When asked for some details, nitro could not contain his exitement. "It is amazingly simple. It turns out that stock prices are not in fact oscillating back and forth on two dimensions, but in fact are being projected from a higher dimensional Homogeneous coordinates. I was able to back out the Calabi-Yau space by doing homology surgery on the space using Ricci paths, and out popped every stock price two seconds in advance!"

    CNN news.
  4. This just in:

    Nitro visits his favorite bistro and orders a large plate of crazy.

  5. Looks like nitro got some...good breakfast served in bed by someone special. :p
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    That's too obvious an April fools.
  7. Don't say that. You deserve a good breakfast after a night of exhaustive actions!

    Speaking of April fool. I just had an interview today and I was told that I am hired. I am crossing my fingers that this is not an April fools' joke.
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    Great! Congratulations.

    What kind of a job is it? Administering Pensions?
  9. PA- congrats

  10. Thanks! It's just an accounting job, and I am grateful for it. :)
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