heh... seeing more threads about frustrations and money loss..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lilduckling, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. heh heh... this market seems to have rocked some traders... you can see the sentiment in their posts.... alot of people losing $$$ in the last few days..... lol.... especially swing traders.

    Of course not everyone is losing money.. lol..... heh heh, in fact some are making good money ...:D :D

    Yes, this current market condition is weeding out the unfit..... lol :D

    Noobs being served as side dishes to bigger prey...:p

    Of course I am not one of the many getting killed.....:)

    But am getting my ass kicked and face slapped lately.... bent over a barrel..... being served in a silver platter to the markets...:mad:

    Think I will sit in the side lines..... MY SWING TRADES ARE OFF KILTER....:confused:

    Knowing you are getting your ass kicked and need to stop is the first step to sanity ..... I'll be damned if i open another position in this current staTe.

    market been doing an "abrah cadabrah", *POOF* on my hard earned Franklins :( :(
  2. Kap


    time to ask "what is the market trying to make me think and impulsively do" , and use that as your contrarian indicator. ;)
  3. I know what you're saying but.... i really think there is more than just that.... Market hyper reactive to news right now.... and not all news is done during while marketr is open..... which is what DRIVES ME INSANE SOMETIMES!!!!

    ......... no, the hemp rope still safely stored away in closet, but still, I'd be lying if i'd say seeing some (ok alot) of my hard earned profits being bit away didnt piss me off!!!

    Time to step back, and watch the day traders frolic in these turbulent waters
  4. wjk


    I am with you on this one. Took a 7% hit today...90 minutes before the big reversal. What can one do? Stops got hit, and rules must be followed. I'll get back in when I'm satisfied the interventions have ended.

  5. you don't have to be in the markets all the time.

    relax, take a vacation. let the irrationality subside.
  6. i took a 19% haircut in my trading account adding to shorts on the way up.
  7. Hi LiL, and others,

    sorry folks to hear about losses. I am a contrarian (bottom picker(nailer), and top picker (nailer). Vol for great for me.

    I have never accepted internally to buy when it is green, and sell when it is red, on a given day.
  8. sorry to hear about the loss :mad: