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    wow, 80,000 jobs created.. I read where it takes 250,000 jobs created to break even...

    Before Obama the annual budgets of all the public sector entities in the US were 50% of gnp. They had 50% of the gnp going through their sticky fingers and another 11% of the gnp was lost due to regulation... so they had 61% of the gnp under their belts.. our healthcare costs are 17% of gnp so that has been brought under the umbrella of the federal public sector bringing the grand total to 78% of gnp either controlled by, or screwed over by, the public sector... and oddly enough, the private sector can't grow jobs! What next, we all go on welfare but there is no money to pay for it? A cultural revolution maybe, college kids with baseball bats attacking the old folks that "caused all the problems"?
  2. What we're seeing is the result of free trade with countries that pay slave wages. That, and techology automating many jobs in manufacturing over the past 2 decades. It's over! I keep saying that these jobs aren't coming back, ever. There is no great new thing on the horizon to employ the masses. Get used to the new normal.
  3. Many young people resent the Boomers, thinking they've caused the problems... can't seem to grasp the notion that it was and has been the politicos.
  4. too many people, not enough growth and now Obama wants to give citizenship to all the illegals.

    They only way to get all these employed is to forcibly conscript them into the army and fight wars on multiple fronts on a perpetual war footing (Syria, Iran,North Korea, etc).
  5. Well, they aren't completely off base...btw, the politico's are a PART of the boomers...
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    Tsing Tao

    Why don't you subtract the mysterious "birth/death" adjustment from that 80,000 number. You know, the one where the BLS magically creates jobs from thin air?

    Tell me what you have then! (hint: It's negative!)
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    The current political leaders are hell bent on massive give aways for votes. They don't care about America they just care about their votes. They've created and coddled a whole class of people who want the government to take care of them and as this group approaches a majority the nation sinks further into the abyss. Is there any wonder politicians like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Rangle, et al manage to hang to their jobs after years and in some cases decades of lies and the destruction of America.
  8. 5.6% is what Obama promised the UE rate would be after he spent a trillion to save us.
  9. Tsing what exactly is the birth/death adjustment? I honestly have no idea.
  10. I'd also like to know.:).
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