Hedging SLV or SIVR after hours?

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  1. Hi,
    Is there any good way to hedge a position in either SLV or SIVR after hours and overnight without using futures? i.e. suppose I have a long position in SIVR and the price of silver rises $2.50 overnight and I want to lock in the profit at 2 am EST instead of waiting until pre-market when the price may well be a point or so lower.
  2. Give more thought, planning and consideration to a $2.50 overnight move to the downside. :eek:
  3. Oanda and other fx shops trade XAG/USD (silver) spot, 24 hours.
  4. Not sure what the point of your post is. This is a hypothetical question regarding hedging an overnight move prior to pre-market trading, so the direction of price movement doesn't seem relevant to the answer.
  5. The point is, nazz has nothing useful to offer on this thread, so instead he's posting platitudes.
  6. Hey, thanks for this info. IB offers this contract also.
  7. 1) To leg into a "hedged" position on different exchanges or with dissimilar instruments can get expensive and icky. :(
    2) Regarding my original post, are you equally willing to lock-in a loss of $2.50/ounce as you are the same gain? If not, don't act on what the others have suggested. :cool:
  8. ==================
    Trend study is a favorite area of mine, silver, SLV= nice uptrend;

    $40 is somewhat resistance/risk area ;
    not that resistance means much in a good uptrend.

    Mr surf if i was very concerned about a 2.50 loss on $38 silver ;
    i would simply get out before 40. I hate losing even a penny;
    but its[loss of that % ] is simply a business exspence.

    Hope this helps;
    opening an account in another time zone seems not worth it..

  9. Quote from Kedwards:

    Oanda and other fx shops trade XAG/USD (silver) spot, 24 hours.

    can't find it in TWS
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