Hedgies Gunning Shorts!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trend Fader, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Wow... that was wild. Yesterday and today.. someone huge gunned the shorts out of the water around 3pm...

    This is becoming fun... something really wierd is going on.
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  3. amazing...
    feels like 2000

    fast and furious... but the middle just plain lame.
  4. Why would the market rally so hard under no news two times in a row around 3pm?

    It was definately massive short covering and some type of staged blow out by the hedgies.. there was no catalyst or need for anyone to jump into the market like that. Once the buying frenzy stopped.. market tanked like a brick.
  5. morning gap was open... and 1600 'may' be expiry pin level.
  6. jim c

    jim c

    there was a huge rebalance today..net effect was buying of the spus and selling of the nads. seems like maybe this was at least part of it. jim
  7. That is when the bonds close.
  8. that was another liquidity pump by the institutions--------not the hedgies------they were a bit too early today--------too early to have it stick and some good shorts going into the weekend in the end of day drop. hedgies are actually starting to get some hits to the short side during the last week that were not fully overcome by the institutional liquidity pump.

    hedgies keep scoring on their oil longs too------they are starting to make up for their poor performance so far this year.
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    Now the "hedgies" have to start raiding the bond market.
  10. whats the old saying " tops are much more of a dynamic event"
    wouldnt put gunning shorts past anyone but there was also a lil 2 day break of a tline in esu that was the launchpad of that jump
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