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  1. Anyone have experience with HedgeStreet? My initial impression is it might be an expensive way to trade. Is this true or just my impression?
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    I looked into this couple weeks ago.
    Ran their "Mock Trader" for a while, and was successful with it.

    Opened up a small account to trade the REAL thing.
    So far I have made 6 trades with them, all winners.
    You just have to plan out your entry points.
    I have been trading the GBP/USD and July Crude Oil contracts.
    Looks like if I wait untill the last hour of the London session seem to be my best time to trade the Forex.
    It is ALL or NOTHING on what you trade. Not a bad concept.
    Fees are not too bad. One winning trade will replace several fees.
    Only downside I see is when you make your deposit, you can not withdrawal until after 30 days. Stated this was to combat fraudulant activity...

    I will trade this for the next week or two and post some results.
  3. ZERO liquidity. $100 contracts. I spoke with an exec with the firm and was promised size and liquidity would improve.
    SUSQ is now a market-maker for HS, but it's the same sad story. >80% of contracts have zero OI.

    There aren't any licensed alternatives for US residents, but it's not worth the effort.
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    I have been trading it for quite sometime, probably close to a year. It used to be real easy to scalp, infact it took me about 1 month to change 1200 into 3500. It has become a lot harder though recently, I think they implimentated an algo for the pricing. I would suggest just trying it. My only beef is the furthest out future is 5 days, otherwise the fees are low and its an easy way to make a couple extra bucks.
  5. Agreed. Also been trading with HS almost a year. Trade crude contracts on my lunch hour. Spreads suck but I deal with them.
  6. <<It used to be real easy to scalp, infact it took me about 1 month to change 1200 into 3500>>

    I turned $300 into $4000 in one day, recently. Just posting this to let others know that it can be done.

    One trade, for example: 50 contracts at $20 ($1000), closed that day above the binary ceiling, payout $5000.

    The problem is that the next day I gave back $2000 - if you wait too close to expiration, and you aren't close to the underlying price you get stuck with a worthless contract. This can happen VERY easily, and VERY fast.

    Overall, HS is a different animal, and you can't really compare it to active futures trading. After all, you aren't trading futures, you are betting on their outcomes, in a binary fashion. You can do this with $100, so it's great for people who want to play around.

    If you haven't tried it, it's worth checking it out, as you have very little too lose (assuming, of course, you only put down a little bit of money).