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  1. Anyone has experience with hedgestreet.com? Are they legit? A simple webpages without much info. Tried open a demo acct but didn't receive email login...
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    They're definitely legit. Really solid business model (and very much on the up and up--everything by the book), and they treat you very well.

    They're now under the name NADEX (starting today)--www.nadex.com

    Pretty nice offerings and options for someone not in the full-scale futures or forex game. I regularly trade futures, but play around with hedgestreet (now NADEX) to keep myself out of trouble in the main markets.

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    I assume you can't write options, if there is only limited risk?

    I guess I question how much of a "market" it can be, if participants can only take one side of the trade.
  4. These are Euro-convention barrier options. You can buy/short every contract, but they are delimited payoffs. There are no vanilla options on www.nadex.com. They charge $1 per contract to open a position, up to $7 max. The closing commission is $1 and not limited, so the commissions are very high.

    www.igmarkets.com/fx is open to US investors, same company and with a wider range of bets, but only on FX. www.nadex.com will be worthwhile if they roll-out American barrier options. The nadex CL barriers are well-priced.
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    I tried to open a Nadex demo account. I got the confirmation email with the password but am unable to log on. It give me an "Sorry - error" message. They must have glitch they haven't fixed yet.

    Is Nadex(formerly HedgeStreet) like the European Binary Option houses, like ez trader and anyoption?
  6. You need to enter "demo-user" and replace "user" with your username. It's www.igmarkets.com/fx and www.igmarkets.com
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    I did that. And I'm trying Nadex demo.
  8. i've been having a lot problems with the site. I used hedgestreet but nothing seems to work right on the new site. Has anyone else been able to trade on the new site?
  9. I did the demo on the new platform, and was impressed. Decent improvement over the previous platform.
  10. Is there any point in betting with hedgestreet and igmarkets? They are betting firm and out to make client money and some client said they alter the books to their side and took position against clients.
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