hedgefunds are like daytraders ?

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  1. That article pretty much sums up almost every debate about trading solo, vs institution or HF that occurs on ET...

    scale and packaging
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    '' One hedge fund, Bailey Coates, has even complained publicly of competitors selling short the shares in its portfolio because they had spotted its performance distress and consequent investor demands to withdraw their monies. ''


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    nice to hear the 'pros' bitching about 'stop (position) running' like some noobie know-nothing!!

    this just shows that even the 'pro' money aint so smart sometimes. they can take their pompous arrogant attitude and shove it where the sun dont shine!

  3. Choad


    IMHO the statistical inference of "95% of all new traders fail to make money after 3 years..." or the like remains constant as time extends.

    So let's take the 1-2-3 or whatever percent of "successful" or "supertraders" that cobble up enough friends, family and sucker money to start their own hedge fund. I'm thinking that 95% of those guyz will fail after a few years.

    Of course, they just fail as traders when their luck/strategy runs out - they have all that banked investor money they skimmed to fall back on. Pretty good scam... :p