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  1. Does anyone have a COMPREHENSIVE list of hedgefund databases. I am familiar iwth thecommon ones - hedgefund.net, jedgeworld.com/TASS, marhedge, altvest, cogenthedge.com but I am sure there are many new ones.

    Any one with a list of ALL the databases?

    Finally, what have been people's experiences with these databases - has anyone secured investors through these sites/databases?

    Thank You.
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    Add IASG.com, AutumnGold and Barclays.

    AutumnGold is very small but will provide referrals if people inquire through their service. Barclays provides many downstream investors and service providers with profiles that turn into leads. IASG handles inquiries through their website and generally likes to have you sign a revenue sharing agreement before making an introduction.
  4. I have heard that one can get some HF info
    on bloomberg ...

    do any of these HF databases give out free info ?
    I guess I could see if I am eligible for a free trial
    and look up any HF info needed

    i.e. historical returns "tiger" funds run by xyz managers
  5. I was going to start a similar thread but for a different reason; I just want to keep track of hedge funds performance. So I am looking for indexes and rankings of individual funds( hedge funds and CTAs). Where can you have such info for free and without filling out those questionaires nor being an accredited investor ?
  6. here is a nice list
  7. Joetrader, I thank you!
  8. Anymore ideas??
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    HedgeCo.Net is a good database that is free. You can't gain access to any of these databases unless you are accredited and are willing to fill out forms, because of obvious legal reasons...
  10. how about data bases of CTA's ? you don't need to be accredited to invest with a CTA , do you ? Anyway I guess I 'll just have to pretend I am worth a couple of millions to gain access. It's ridiculous, there must be an inexpensive way for students and academics to have access to all that data . The more I learn about it the more it seems the hedge fund industry is just a machine to pump your money away , there are middle men at almost every step of the investment process taking their fee. And then funds you want to be in are already closed anyway or charge insane fees. Anyone who is willing to put the effort had better invest their money themselves.
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