HEDGEEYE - incredible how bad they are

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by themoose, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. themoose


    Anyone else follow these hedge eye guys? It's incredible how wrong they are...

    I use to follow there service, a true scam on the reporting on their 'virtual portfolio' is an understatement, they flat out lie about losses etc...

    how can these guys get away with it..
  2. newwurldmn


    The head guy was at three different funds in 1 year. You don't do that unless you are bad at investing and good at self promotion.
  3. themoose


    Yep, he's all snake oil. I guess their portfolio is 'virtual' so no one can
    throw him in jail for his false claims...
  4. So this is basically a signal calling service ?
    I know a lot of prop firms are interested in this because their crappy platforms don't have the sophistication to do their own.
  5. Bob111


    how one can possibly rely on someone else in this business? regardless to how much they charge for their service(but specially for $30). do you seriously expect something that would give you a great return and all you have to do is just follow some alerts from time to time? on other hand-they stated on their website-"Gain access to our real-time stock ideas". that's it-ideas. i can give you 10's or even a 100's of them each day. make some random generator that would spit out some random shit and here we go. king of hedge and king of ideas :p
  6. themoose


    I was just commenting on how bad they are, almost comical...

    ILMN , ZMH some of there biggest shorts at start of year...

    now im hearing their short the market out right.. amazing contrarian indicators...
  7. Bob111


    maybe you can get your money back by trading against them :p
  8. dont


    I had them on twitter, unfollowed them could not take the incessant tweets about absolutely nothing
  9. themoose


    Ya, I don't subscribe anymore... the twitter feed is hilarious...

    one of our traders just shouted out how he said he was short spy a point higher but in fact he's down slightly on the short.. unreal, I guess when you have a virtual portfolio you can bs all you want...