Hedge Funds underperform SPY

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spencer, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. spencer


    I don't mean to be ignorant, but why have so many hedge funds and traders wavered in the past two years? I know some traders are better than others, but my trading has remained the same since before 2008. I find no huge difference in my performance. I have drawdowns, and I have highs. I make dumb mistakes, but also stay to my rules and make money. I have had no multiyear drawdowns. If you showed me the same chart multiple times, I would trade it the same way - same thing with interest rates and options. I guess I am missing something. :confused:

    If anything things are easier because of lower costs, and brokers are better. ECN s are better than before imo and available software is much better and cheaper. I cringe when I look at old Bloomberg terminals and beige flat screen monitors.

    Maybe banks being limited by Dodd Frank have had an impact?