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    Hi everybody ! , I've been reading David Tepper's biography and I've been impressed by the fact that he JUST employs 23 people!

    It's quite small staff isn't it? I mean , many hedge funds have lots of people working ( SAC has 800 , Shumway Capital had nearly 100... ) .

    Of course strategies are different but even so , may be in that aspect of the business , staff size is not so important!!

    Just my thoughts.

    Apart from that , dealing with just 23 has to be much more easy and flexible than with 800.:)
  2. Untill a couple of years ago he only had 11 people in the office..
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    Thanks for the reply !

    It's amazing how there are hedge funds with an army of analysts, traders, PM's... and other hedge funds which just need BRAIN and MIND... and a lot of billions .

  4. or more preferable, if you're a billionaire who runs a hedge fund, return all of your investors' money and trade for yourself and have a staff of one:D
  5. David Alan Tepper (born on September 11, 1957) is an American hedge fund manager and the founder of Appaloosa Management. His investment specialty is distressed companies...

    No need for him to hire hundred´s of researchers and ANALysts...
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I agree but may be he would have analysts covering US , others covering ASIA...

    I think that he invests in equities too , media , tech... I just was curious because , for example , SAC has 12 teams covering tech and 7 ( more or less ) covering media , health care... Damn that's a lot of people of the same HF trading and analyzing the same companies!!

    So why not just have one group covering an area instead of many "mini groups".

    Just my thoughts :p .