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    I was just wondering what your opinions were. I am going to be graduating in May and it is conceivable that I could go into any of these three areas. I am leaning towards going into institutional derivatives since that area is exploding and hedge funds are pretty risky places to start a career. Prop trading is another possibility. I might be able to land a job at Group One Trading. Please post your thoughts.
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    Maybe he wanted an opinion from actual career traders??? Ever consider that?.....just my two cents..
  4. i just gave him mine, capice, "ever considered that" dude...
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    I might not be able to give you the expert knowledge and wisdom you may be looking for but this is my take. You're young and really don't have to commit to a single career for the rest of your life...I'm sure you realize this but it seems that a lot of people our age think that they have to pick a career upon graduation and that's their life. If you can be consistently profitable working for yourself prop than I think that's a pretty good career IMO, although theres the money up front that you need to get started (atleast with most firms from what I understand). Working at a hedge fund has the downfalls of being extremely stressful and demanding but has tremendous earnings potential (assuming that you can produce). Basically, if you make a bad career choice with when you're fresh out of college then you're not nearly as bad off as if you make one when you're middle aged with a mortgage to pay and kids to support. Find out what you're good at and what you enjoy doing and try to do that.
  6. Take the time to actually research the realities of your optional career choices. For the prop end, I will be glad to speak with you...don't expect to hear "blue sky and rose colored glasses" from me...prop trading is hard work. The obvious benefits are that you're not in a "job" - you have unlimited upside potential with a very limitited downside risk, and you get to use a $million or more each day for free. Jobs pay a salary, prop trading you must actually earn your money....for every "yin" there is a "yang" so to speak.

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  7. Isn't a masters in financial engineering now called an MQF or Master of Quantatative Finance??


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