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  1. I was thinking .... hmm

    Is there anyway to know the performance of the Hedge Funds ?

    I think it is possible via 13F document. I can try to compare the stocks they own and how they performed till the next filling !

    Is there a website that can provide such information ?
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    You can email them and request a tear sheet and presentation. Some have website that you can request it. Some will want to qualify you 1st.
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  3. You would think someone would have done a study on this, or there would be a newsletter or some other ranking service of some sort that would list, say, 20 or 50 hedge funds with their 1-, 5-, 10- and 20-year track records.
  4. I assume that funds that disclose performance on their websites publicly are better than those who do not. If I have to email and request, it probably means the performance is bad. Something to hide. If something is worth boasting, it will be on the website.
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    Does not work that way. CTAs that only allow investors that need to be QEP don't just post their returns. And, larger ones do not either. There are some websites that you can sign up for and see many. Try https://www.iasg.com/en-us/
  6. What is meant by QEP? Why don't CTAs market their performance on the website if it's good? Due to regulatory restriction? It's common sense to me and good marketing practice.
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    I stumbled on this one recently https://whalewisdom.com/ free and paid subscriptions.
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    Here is another ranking (the top ones of 2017 were trading or accumulating crypto).
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