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  1. Hello All,

    I'm a recent grad from a good school, solid GPA, 1.5 yrs work experience in various financial functions, etc... I'm currently unemployed and looking...Trading is a passion of mine, however I am not prepared to go the proprietary route.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or have any appropriate contacts for a HEDGE FUND, INVESTMENT FIRM, etc... that may be hiring within its TRADING department....I live in CT and the firm must be in or near FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT. CLERKSHIPS, ASSISTANT TRADERS, whatever....

    I know there are a lot, however, it would be to my distinct advantage to know some more intimate details about the firm in order to sell myself. After sending out what must be 3,000 resumes and cover letter since May '02 I'm a bit frustrated and would like to entertain the thoughts of other professionals with the same aspirations. Any info about a solid place to get my foot in the door would be appreciated.

    Much thanks.
  2. Bro...You have not been able to land a job for over a year? Get a head hunter...they found me a job at Caxton Associates....the largest hedge Fund in the world....
  3. If you can't find a job in 1 year...

    You're stupid...


    1. You don't know where to look for a job. Which affects your lack of focusing your energy in the right point.

    2. You're not qualified for the job you're looking for. You're too stupid to do some critical self-analysis, which is critical for a trader.

    3. You're asking in ET. Get it?

    OK... OK... I'm just "kinda" kiddin'

    With 3000 resumes sent out... there must be a problem with what you're doing...

    Do you have any legal problems?

    Did you write something like:

    "I have no trading experience and would like to build it"


    "I have passion and love to trade"

    You better have someone analyze what you're doing wrong.
  4. How are you not prepared to go the prop route? $$$$?
  5. Listen, I wasn't asking for your criticism but your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

    I have NOT been unemployed for a year. I had 2 premier internships in college for Fidelity on for a Specialist on the floor of the NYSE.
    After graduating Loyola College (MD) in '02, it took me a while to learn how to advocate my time and efforts effectively. I am still learning. For income and additional experience, I did contract work for The Bank of New York and UBS Warburg. Finally I secured perm. employment in operations for ETG, a proprietary firm in Manhattan. I was downsized after 6 weeks to no fault of my own and am once again back in the hunt.

    I am not useless nor stupid, and consider your comments to be pathetically meager and utterly useless.

    Didn't your mother ever teach you the basic life lesson of only saying something if it is worth saying????
  6. Are you talking to me or WDGann? Hit the quote button on the lower right hand side if you're replying to a particular person so that someone who asked an honest question right above your remark about an asshole does not get his feelings hurt.
  7. Don't wanna shatter your dreams, but the largest hedge fund in the world is Pequot Capital.