Hedge funds offers to price in gold

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  1. "The move follows a surge in investor demand for small gold bars and coins held by individuals and gold-backed exchange-traded funds that are holding a record amount of bullion."


    Seems like the whole world is in the "buy gold" camp.

    Crowded trade?
  2. The good thing about a bubble in gold is that it doesn't have many secondary impacts on the economy, unlike oil. So, buy up.
  3. It's a manifestation of the "hysteria" in precious metals. It should make for a good long-term sell signal. We'll see. :cool:
  4. zdreg


    it was not. it went 2x from there but has now retraced to within10%.
  6. zdreg


    as vince lombardi famously said winning isn't everything it is the only thing.
    my corollary is that timing isn't everything it is the only thing.