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Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackguard, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Schindler trading is down 14.6% this year, though it had an excellent year last year.

    Anyone know how Harris Kupperman is doing with his fund? What is his performance this year? Im curious coz the stock he was pumping here about 18 months ago is trading at 42 cents.

    does praetorian have a site like Schindler does?
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    You guys are too much sometimes. Several months ago there was thread celebrating Aarons premature demise and he came out of it I recall fairly well.

    The hallmark of a good trader is not how much they make when they are up...its how they handle it when they are down, and everyone will have down periods. Even if you have a system that is profitable 80% of the months it trades, in a distribution over time you are likely to have 5 losing months in a row then 1 winning month, followed by 5 more losing months in a row. It doesnt even mean your system is broken, it just means mathematics got you in the ass.

  3. Maybe Harris will chime in here, but I'm sure he won't say much because of the legal issues. I would do the same. In fact I may be having a start up in January...a small start but a start none the less.

    I think he mentioned something about being long some gold stocks

    and some SMH puts..which I have too..among some others....not sweating over them ..but not doin' cartwheels either:D

    I think he posted the sites that his performance #'s might be on...a few of those hedge fund advisory sites

    the IASG site is good ...but no Praetorian on there....Aaron is on there.....Aaron..keep fighting the good fight!
  4. The fact that they are running Hedge Funds speaks volume about their abilities. I wouldnt be too concerned about them. I would be more concerned with Numero Uno.
  5. I interviewed recently with Quadriga Asset Mgmt. They are going to sponsor me for the 7 (I lost my sponsorship with my last job), 63 and 31, and after a trial run of a month they may make me an offer. So I very well may be a future employee.
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  7. The fact is that many of the commercial trading systems have a difficult year.
    I follow a basket of 15 S&P systems to gauge my own performance. Among these 15, 6 are negative for 2003 and only 4 do better than the S&P.
  8. 1) Im not trying to to slam anyone.

    2)Aaron is dwn 14% in 2003 but up 96% in 2002 which is remarkable.

    3) No one has given an answer as 2 Kupperman's performance which is the main question of this thread. Stop avoiding the subject!
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    Not trying to slam anyone? "the stock he was pumping here last year is now trading at 42 cents" ? glad you are not slamming anyone, I bet that would be really ugly. After seeing the way Aaron was treated earlier in the year for engaging the general membership here, I don't blame Harris for avoiding you. He's doing just fine this year.
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    Thanks, ktm. It was only a couple people who were harsh -- not the general membership. Under the cloak of anonymity some people can get rude.

    I keep in touch with Mr. Kupperman and he is having a great year. I'd suggest PM him (praetorian2) if you are interested in the details.

    Thanks for your support Brandon, uptik, fishsauce, and blackguard!

    Over the past 1 year Schindler Trading is up 14% and over 2 years, up 69%.

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