Hedge funds missing out on the bounce

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by heech, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Saw the article this morning in the WSJ that Paulson was just up 1% this month, missing out on the huge bounce. Looked around at the indices, and saw that he's not alone:


    Those are some pretty ugly numbers, considering the huge surge we just had.

    HFRX Equity Hedge Index 1.15% (MTD) -17.45% (YTD)
    Fundamental Value Index 1.46% (MTD) -22.66% (YTD)
    Market Directional Index 0.27% (MTD) -16.29% (YTD)

    The market this year is just, quite simply, mean.
  2. Look at the YTD colunm. It is all red!

    Except for one single category, which is up a measly 0.25% for the year.

    Tough year.
  3. And to think, take a look at the data from the hedge fund industry, YTD. Then compare those % with the chatter here on ET. I mean, 99% of ET traders are Kicking Arse this year right?

    Maybe some of those Hedge Fund pro's should meet up at one of the many ET 'meet and greets' to get a pep talk from the ballers, shot callers.

  4. i am truly up 5% this year in my longterm portfolio. exited recovery from 2008 at pretty good average price but reentered not the best way. Low point was around -10% so far.

    Not too bad, comparing to these guys.

    realised that fund managers on average are substandard and they don't care about returns. Just another of worthless jobs that exist out there.