Hedge Funds Miss the Boat Again

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    Meredith Jones, MJ Alternative Investment Research
    Alternative investments. Author: Women of The Street: Why Female Money Managers Outperform
      • May 17th, 2016
      Hedge Fund Truth - Don't Believe Everything You Read
      It's time for another animated installment of The Hedge Fund Truth! Turn up your speakers, close your door and watch this week's video blog. This video looks at some of the truths and fictions around the hedge fund industry, focusing around recent bad press about returns, fees and a shortage of talent. It asks if the entire industry should be tarred with the same big brush or if there is nuance that investors and industry watchers may not have considered. Are hedge funds inherently BAD for investors, or do we need to gather more data and adjust our thinking? Enjoy!

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    Anyone know if there is a Hedge fund that lowers the 2% at end of year cause costs were less that year? IMHO, I can understand the fee, everything costs big money when trying to make big money, but if you have "mastered your domain", is it too much to ask the fund itself cough up half of operating costs in profitable years? Not all years profitable but really can't understand why, but those who making the decisions that greedy to not take part of the 20% to kick for operating costs? All the business I have started, as owner, I had to pay out of my pocket. And I can't see how they lose what they lose, they suppose to be the best of the best, how the heck do they have losing years in huge Bull market? I know if there is huge redemptions going on, can't always be greater than S&P Index, but if you starting a hedge fund, should be saying you doing better than Index to start or perhaps much less drawdowns.

    It does shows retail, they can do as well or better if they have well back tested method, and go back far enough to test in down years of S&P500 index.
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    Ultimately, what's the difference between a hedge fund and a mutual fund?
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