Hedge funds may sue Porsche

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  1. Hedge funds are considering possible legal action against Porsche, the German carmaker, over its involvement in an extreme share price spike in Volkswagen that led to billions of dollars of losses for the funds. Lawyers for funds said they were handling numerous cases, although many are at early stages and may not be filed. AIMA, the hedge-fund trade body, last week began consulting members to assess the level of interest in exploring legal options over VW losses.


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  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    wonder if stock holder can sue to
  3. There was a suicide on CNBC by some billionaire who lost money by trying to short VW. Odd thing is, when Rolse Royce wanted to sell itself, they sold the name Bentley to VW pretending they were selling the entire company. And I remember Hundai getting a huge loan like 20 billion from the Canadian government to keep their operations in Canada. They just took the money and ran with it.

    It's kind of weird how success sometimes means screwing someone else.