hedge funds lost on commodities

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NY_HOOD, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. i truely believe most hedge funds went under with the fall in commodities. fund managers are so friggin thick headed that they figured china will keep the prices up. i always laughed when wall street experts come on TV and say that years ago if a recession hit the US the rest of the world would feel it but not anymore. thats bullshit. when the US sneazes the rest of the worls may no longer get the flu but they still get a pretty bad fuckin cold.
  2. There are a few who did well in commodities, most notably, Brevan, Bluegold, Clive...

    But you're right, most got hosed.
  3. bunch of sheeps, most didn't go under, just took a big hit
  4. yep. the drop was viscious and contrary to what most claim,they don't use disciplined stop losses and start to average down. thats when they start writing research reports and come on TV attempting to convince themselves that they are being smart. the only smart thing to do as a trader or investor is to stay disciplines and take your loss. never exceed your stop parameters. its just plain stupid. i'm sure there are many hedge funds that still own tons of X ,FCX, POT.MOS, and NUE atsky high prices and down over 100 bucks a share.
  5. where do you set your stops?? 10%?