Hedge Funds invest in India

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  1. I notice through various publications that many AI and Hedge Funds are launching India based funds.

    Is this a precursor to better times ahead for the downtrodden BSE?
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    Interesting... I was just in India this past FEb. and it was amazing how many people were interested in the markets. Of course, this was just before the total drop at the BSE.
  3. Did this happen before the crash?
  4. No, right now. I can count 4 just this week alone. All of them fully funded rarin' to go with at least $300M, each.

    Evidently, they think the selling is over. What say you ET'ers?

    I may dip my toes long BSE 100 for a few ticks.
  5. An inflow of 4x$300M= $1200 M is not big enough to save the market.

    In any case, where can one find the indian index?
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  7. many thanks.
  8. It looks like the smart money is turning things around in the BSE Sensex.

    In the words of Carl Spakler, "It's a real cinderella story".
  9. Detalied Info on BLOOMBERG TERMINAL....hit me up and I will give you the prompt keys to look up what funds are "INDIA" players.

    As far as the rest, I have no idea....I Look at emerging markets on a second by second bases during the trading day, but I have been watching everything but INDIA.....

    I haven yet to hear any intrest in INDIA from individuals I know....but then again....they might not be telling.

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